A thought on my PhD experience

Through my research I feel as though I have wiped away the fog from a mirror and am seeing the truth in who I am for the first time. Each day the image grows clearer & I feel a greater tug of war between feeling relief & terror, connection & loneliness. If I can filter the right words through this experience I will create a truly potent elixir.

2 thoughts on “A thought on my PhD experience

  1. My mirror is still foggy, I finished my Bachelor in dentistry and I’m on my way toward my Masters and PhD… I do have a plan ahead of me but I’m still unaware to where that road will take me. But I guess that’s life, it’s like standing on a diving plate, feeling scared before you jump, having mixed emotions of fear and joy after you leap and once you land, you’ll get to feel happy.
    I think you are midway right now between the diving plate and the pool 🙂

    1. That sounds right. There is no longer anything solid beneath me & I can see the water. There is the fear of belly flopping & the excitement of slipping perfectly beneath the surface & gliding through the cool water. Either way there’s no going back.

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